Dr. Cassie Martin

Dr. Cassie Martin, Ph.D.  Dr. Martin  is an education and behavior consultant in Seattle, WA, who specializes in the creation and continuation of inclusive practices in public schools. She is the Inclusion Expert for a variety of districts in Western Washington where she provides professional development for everyone responsible for student growth, including: administrators, teachers, para-professionals, and families. After more than a decade of consulting on inclusion programs across the state, Dr. Martin created a model-school demonstration site for inclusive education in Highline School District, and with the removal of that school (McMicken Elementary) from the Focus School list for Special Education, is in the process of scaling this model to more schools in Highline. Her teacher-preparation and in-service programs focus on best practices in inclusive education; Dr. Martin regularly presents on how to support discourse around disability and diverse learning for elementary and secondary students. 

Dr. Martin helped create the Technical Assistance Team for Seattle Public Schools to lead and implement evidence-based practices for elementary students with ASD, while building teacher capacity, and creating a model that has proven sustainable. Dr. Martin’s teaching, research and consulting are guided by her passion to create inclusive school communities that work for all students. In her 20 years of studying what works and scales in inclusive education, and as a former special education teacher and administrator, she has seen first-hand how inclusion leads to better outcomes for all students.