Ed Hidalgo


How does a child aspire to a career they don't know exists? How do we prepare all students for their place in the future world of work? The CIEO role leverages Ed's corporate experience in response to these questions. The approach is the design and implementation of a world-class, research-based and integrated model of career development. Secondly, to drive a strengths-based, data-driven employee culture across the district of 1,800 employees and 17,000 students to drive hope and engagement.  

Prior to his current role he was the director of the world of work initiative at the University of San Diego Institute for Entrepreneurship in Education where he worked with researchers to design the world of work initiative for the Cajon Valley Union School District. This work reflects the initiatives he led at Qualcomm where he worked in human resources, staffing and government affairs. As senior director of government affairs, he led the development of the Thinkabit_Lab®, a dedicated makerspace providing thousands of students and teachers exposure to technology and the world of work. Prior to this role he led the global contingent workforce and immigration practice which hired more than 20,000 workers globally. He co-founded Career Explorations, a career counseling and coaching practice for employees to drive engagement and career wellbeing. He served as the executive sponsor for Qualcomm’s Workforce Development Labs, an initiative to promote youth and veteran engagement in workforce development through hands-on experienships.  

Prior to Qualcomm he was the area manager for Manpower responsible for technical recruiting and site-management operations contributing to the employment of thousands of workers throughout San Diego County. 

He is a member of the Workforce Development Board for the San Diego Workforce Partnership.  

Gallup Certified Strengths Coach: Top 5 Theme Sequence: Maximizer, Belief, Adaptability, Responsibility, Connectedness.